What Do You Think Of When I Say To You The Word “Cleaner”?

Do you think of the person mopping your local shop floor in the early mornings, maybe it’s the person you never see in the office, but the smell of polish in the morning instantly lets you know they’ve been? Maybe it’s the person your Gran always talks about who comes & does her cleaning for her or maybe you have someone who comes in & cleans for you.

I had a new customer say to me a few years ago, my daughter says we must be rich because we have a cleaner!

I have customers who don’t have “flash” cars they don’t go on fancy abroad holidays, but they have a cleaner, why …… They are couples with families who have full time jobs, they work all day Monday to Friday, spend the evenings with their children. The weekend arrives & they spend half a day cleaning & sorting their homes, time they could have spent with their children, they grow up very fast!

Let’s talk about the word … outsourcing. If you run your own business you will have heard this word quite a lot, you can outsource your accounts, your website, your social media the list goes on.
But do you realise how much outsourcing you already do in your every day life? Do you get your food shopping delivered, you are outsourcing your shopping, hello fresh & other meal kits have become very popular at the moment, this just a simple outsource.
Come on admit how many off you have cut a man’s hair during lockdown or men how many off you are sporting a slightly shorter hair cut than you would like!!? Even if it’s not great, it can be done at home, but let’s be honest you are all going back to the barbers the second they open so you are going back to outsourcing that job.

Cleaning is no different, it is just outsourcing a job you have to do, freeing up your time to do other things whether that’s family time or work. Your office cleaning, yes that’s an outsource because guess who would be pushing the hoover round at 5.30pm on a Friday night if that cleaner wasn’t there!

I hope this has got you all thinking a little differently, you do not need to be rich to have a cleaner, you can just simply need more time & use your money to outsource this task.

I want to finish by sending a massive shout out to all the cleaners in hospitals & care homes, I can only imagine what a difficult job this is at the best of times never mind at the moment & they are certainly not getting the recognition they deserve! You are all doing an amazing, incredible job!


  1. Sue Harrison-Stone says:

    When I was a young ward sister the ward cleaner was so important and that cleaner took ownership of her ward. She was often a Mum to the young student nurses. The ward always looked good but then the cleaning was outsourced to cleaning companies and everything changed, no pride in the job, no ownership of the ward and no understanding why the ward needed to be as fresh as a daisy. I think with Covid things will be changing as all roles including that of the cleaners will be as important as any other work in hospitals and care homes.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Great blog & very thought provoking. I was told by an older family member that my home was so small I couldn’t possibly need a cleaner.
    Well, I have two kids under 2, and feel like I spend a huge chunk of my spare time doing housework. I could definitely use a cleaner!

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